14 Nov

8 Ideas For Driving To Your Wedding In Style

Most couples put so much thought into the main components of their wedding day that they end up choosing the details at the last minute. This sort of rushed panic can end up spoiling your special day, and you could miss out on an element that would truly elevate your wedding. The car you use to arrive at your wedding and leave after the reception is one of these often-overlooked special touches. Use these getaway car ideas to make sure your wedding day is ideal from start to finish.

  1. Keep it classic with a limousine. Brides who are hoping to create their perfect day of luxury and elegance often opt for a classic limo when it comes to their wedding transportation. Once you’ve found the best wedding reception venues melbourne, you’ll want to show up for your big party feeling as special as possible. Stretch limos are easy to hire, and they definitely have a way of making you feel like a star.
  2. Go old fashioned in a horse-drawn carriage. For couples marrying in a traditional chapel in a rural setting, a horse-drawn carriage can be the perfect finishing touch to your dream day. You’ll feel like a real-life princess and it’ll make for some wonderful photo opportunities.
  3. Ride away on a motorbike. If you’ve got a bit more edge than the average bride, try channelling your inner rebel by zooming off into the night on your favourite motorcycle model. Just make sure your groom has a motorbike license before you hop on the back – an accident would be the worst possible way to end your big day. If motorbikes are a little too intimidating, a Vespa offers a good alternative.
  4. Hire a vintage car. Vintage weddings are all the rage right now, and a classic antique car fits right in with this trend. A Rolls Royce is always a gorgeous option, but a kitschy antique Beetle or similar quirky ride is a great choice for newlyweds with a sense of humour.
  5. Go big in an SUV limo. Brides who want to make a major splash on their wedding day may prefer the pumped-up SUV version of the classic limousine. The perk of these supersized rides is that you can fit the whole bridal party in for the ride and enjoy a flashy sound system and lighting while you head to your venue.
  6. Travel by boat. What could be more special on your wedding day than taking a romantic boat ride while waving goodbye to all of your favourite people? This option is obviously location-dependent, but chartered sailboats or ferries can be a wonderful choice for those who want to really boost up the romance on their special day.
  7. Splash out on a sports car. If you want to ride off into the sunset at record-breaking speeds, you’re going to need a super-posh fast car. Rent an impressive-looking sports car and don’t forget the ‘Just Married’ banner across the back so everyone knows you’re celebrating.
  8. Go lush with floral decorations. Whatever vehicle you choose on your wedding day, doll it up with beautiful flower arrangements to mark the moment. Choose flowers that match those from the rest of the day to create a cohesive look.

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