16 Dec

6 Best Benefits of Silk Flowers for Weddings

When it comes to wedding flowers, many people automatically assume that real flowers are the only choice. But think again – why wouldn’t you want to pick flowers that you can keep forever? Flowers that are guaranteed to look bright and fresh all day? If you think fake flowers have no place in the wedding bouquet, read on. Silk flowers are increasingly popular for brides, bridesmaids, buttonholes, and banquet tables. Here’s why:


1. Silk Flowers are entirely Realistic

You may be familiar with the old-fashioned silk flowers that your grandma used to have in her bathroom – dusty, dull, and a poor relation to the real thing. Today, silk flowers are more like real flowers than real flowers themselves. Experts create flowers that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. You certainly don’t have those old, stiff artificial blooms in your wedding bouquet these days. So don’t worry about ordering your grandma’s flower arrangement – silk flowers look and feel different now.

2. Any Silk Flower is Always in Season

You don’t have that disappointing moment when you go to the florist to order your favourite flowers only to find that they are not in season, so cannot be ordered. With silk flowers you can choose any bloom, no matter the time of year. You match your ideal wedding bouquet with the collection of silk flowers that is made to order – you don’t have to risk disappointment or spend vast amounts of money on imported flowers.

3. Artificial Flowers Last All Day Long

Your wedding day is long and eventful – you want your bouquet to last the distance. Nothing looks worse than a bride carrying a limp and drooping bunch of flowers down the aisle. Unexpected hot weather, or someone mistakenly leaving the flowers in a warm place, can cause them to wilt and droop before the ceremony. If you choose exotic blooms like frangipanis, you have to be very careful they are still fresh when you are ready to say “I do.” Silk flowers, on the other hand, will look fresh without any special care.

4. Silk Flowers are Non-Allergenic

You may be concerned, particularly if you are having a lot of flowers at a summer wedding that you will set off a wave of sneezing among hay fever sufferers. Or you may have an allergy to flower pollen. Don’t risk red noses and streaming eyes in the wedding photos – carry allergy-free silk blooms from theweddingbouquet.co.uk instead.

5. Silk Wedding Bouquets Last a Lifetime

When you have real flowers, you have only the photos to remember the beautiful bouquet you carried. With silk flowers, you can keep the actual bouquet as long as you want. Frame it, store it in a wedding keepsake box, or have it on display in a vase – the silk flower bouquet is a special keepsake of the wedding.

6. Fake Flowers Are Delivered On Time, Hassle Free

You don’t need to worry about traveling across town to pick up the flowers on the morning of the wedding and keeping them cool until you need them. Silk flowers can be delivered weeks before the ceremony – one less thing to worry about.

Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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