23 Feb

5 Spanish Holidays For Cash-Strapped Couples


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We all love a good bargain especially when we’re looking for a sexy soiree for two in beautiful Spain; but you’ll be surprised at the activities and experiences available to couples on a shoestring budget. No matter where you are in Spain or whatever it is you love doing, I guarantee I’ve found something for you!!


If you’re not particularly interested in the slushy side of romance and are maybe still looking for some quality time with your man, why not  explore the Plenilunio shopping area? You could even treat him if you’re feeling fruity!

It might not appeal to everyone but the Madrid Congress Centre is a magnificent sight and something to definitely consider..

Madrid and Barcelona are also home to some of the most wonderful museums and art galleries in the world and the best thing is that many of them have free days! They may be the busiest times but don’t be put off, it will be worth it.


If you want romantic, Sagrada Familia (or Church of the Holy Family for us non Spanish speakers) is your place! Famous for its ‘melting’ walls it’s one of the most spectacular churches in the city and any architecture lover will not be disappointed.

Wow. A visit to one of the cities biggest squares, Placa d’Espanya, is a necessity. The sheer enormity of the square will have you speechless. (This is also free to visit so won’t break the bank.


I know I have mentioned a fair few ‘Gardens’ so far but Triunfo Gardens is slightly different. Not only did it used to be a cemetery; but also a place of execution. Not that I mean to put you off because now it’s just pure beauty and absolutely free!

If you want to gain a sense of self and calm from your getaway San Jeronimo Monastery is a must. At only €3.50 it’s a bargain for those on a shoestring budget.

Eating in Granada can be done on the cheap because you can do it for free. Yes free! You get free food every time you buy a small drink at a bar and it’s not just olives. Think more along the lines of a full portion of paella and you’re on the right track!


Being the preferred beach for many European tourists, Gandia Beach is a must to if you want to top up that tan or even just to start on it.

Don’t be afraid to just take in the sights on the streets and be entertained by the street performers. It’s a free way to spend some quality time with your partner and soak up the culture; although be careful- large crowds are a perfect place for pickpockets so keep an eye on your gadgets.

If your man is a golf-lover then why not treat him to a delightful 18-holer at the Gandia Golf Club?


Water sports your thing? El Médano is your place! Being one of the world’s best windsurfing/kite surfing locations you’ll be able to share this wonderful experience with many other couples enjoying the swell. If you want to really tighten the purse strings why not just enjoy watching other thrill-seekers on the water and kick back with a good book?

If you want seclusion away from the hustle of the hotels in TenerifeI’m sure you’ll be able to find it on La Tejita Beach. It is the longest and widest beach in Tenerife with plenty of hot spots for that romantic sunbathe.

Horse riding is a great and unique way to go sightseeing, and at around £12 per hour there’s no need to remortgage your house for the experience.

Do you have any more ideas for cheap things to do on the cheap? Let me know below and share your ideas with other couples!

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