30 Aug

4 Ways to Make Every Guest Feel Special at Your Wedding

Weddings are always a grand affair no matter how small or intimate you try to keep them. A lot of the planning for the ‘big day’ comes from the dreams that you and your family have, but, when it comes down to it, if your guests don’t have a good time then you might feel as though it’s all gone to waste!

Don’t be caught out and take note of the small things. Whether you have 50 or 500 people at your wedding, each and every guest will feel special with some unique ideas like these…

1. Personalised Wedding Seating Cards

Guests can often feel unsure, overwhelmed and (sometimes!) emotional at a wedding so it’s important to keep them informed and guide them to the right place with clear information. Why not take it a step further and make them smile with personalised seating cards? You can print or write each person’s name to specify their seat or you can even print out an old photo of them and create cute polaroid-style cards that they will love.

2. Have a Wishing Tree

Wishing trees are a beautiful touch for any wedding reception. Get your hands on a small indoor tree without leaves that will stand at about 2 feet tall. Place it on a decorated table with blank tags that have been threaded with loops of string or ribbon. Just leave a couple of pens and pencils around with a sign to instruct guests to leave their own personalised message to the happy couple and hang it on one of the tree branches when they’re done. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved and you can even dress the tree up with fairy lights for added sparkle!

3. Get the Wedding Favours Right

Wedding favours are an essential element in making sure that every guest feels special at your wedding. They are the little tokens that they pick up when they sit down at their table and can be something that keeps them entertained or that they can take home with them and remember you by. A little effort will go a long way: try creating personalised wedding favours with each guest’s name on, and you could even add aspecial message just for them.

4. Create a Hashtag

Everyone is hooked to social media and their smartphones these days and no doubt that your guests will be snapping selfies, updating statuses and checking their news feeds at your wedding. Why not capitalise on their attachment to their gadgets and create your own wedding hashtag? Guests at your wedding can tweet a message, Instagram a picture or tag you in a Facebook status with your very own wedding hashtag: this way you can not only create a buzz online, but also easily look back at memories and track your guests’ experience of your big day by searching for the hashtag when it’s all over!

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