21 Feb

3 Unique First Date Ideas That Will Guarantee A Second Date And A Third And A Fourth…


Ah, the joy and thrill of going out on a first date. After umpteen numbers of failed attempts, you’ve finally mustered up the courage to ask out that pretty girl from your work place on a date. A part of you can’t stop being excited to the core while a part of you is trying to snub that fluttery feeling coming from the pit of your stomach due to nervousness. You get busy thinking about what you’re going to wear and what you’re going to do, and then you decide to be your boring best and come up with banal ideas like coffee, movie or a lackluster dinner. Since the first date is more about breaking the ice and getting to know someone’s personality, get over these boring clichés and do something unique and interesting like the following three examples.

Play a sport!

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Okay so a first date doesn’t necessarily have to be all about high heels, neatly pressed shirts, cleavages or colognes. If you know that your date is athletically inclined like you and enjoys a game every now and then, how about playing a game of badminton or tennis for a couple of hours at your local sports club? Or you could also sweat it out with a fun session at the bowling alley. Playing a sport that you both enjoy can be a fantastic way to celebrate a first date. Oh and yes, make sure you let her win a few games!

Binge over a continental buffet

Grilled Chicken Rice - YourThai

If you are adamant that your first date has to revolve around food and restaurants, not to worry. Even in that, you can try out some variations apart from the regular coffees, burgers, pizza’s or Chinese. To avoid the initial embarrassment and awkward silence that you face while you wait for the waiter to bring your food, you’d rather go freak out at an all-you-can-eat continental buffet restaurant! Give your taste buds some exercise and dig into an assortment of some exotic cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, Cajun, Mexican, Mediterranean, and many more. Trying out new cuisines together, talking, laughing and eating like there’s no tomorrow does indeed sound like a fun plan!

Keeping it simple – indoors

Most first dates happen outdoors, but our motive is to be a tad unique and different, right? So how about chilling over a simple pajama date at your apartment? This will give you a perfect opportunity to show her your true personality, your interests and the way you live. You could show her your favorite books, your music collection, share your poems, paintings etc. Moreover, if she shares any similar interests, the two of you will have plenty to talk about! Prepare her a nice homely meal followed by getting cozy on the couch over a movie and a glass of soothing wine, or read a book together with a steaming mug of hot coffee. The whole idea is to have less of pretence and showing each other your true inner personalities. If you’re lucky enough, she might also play X-Box with you!

These were some amazing ideas you can implement on your first date. As long as you have a unique and interesting plan in mind, and you don’t try too hard to impress or step out of your date’s comfort zone, your first date is guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye.

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