06 Jun

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

With a wedding in your future, there are a lot of things occupying your mind and taking up your time. And while getting your dress and picking out your flowers may be something you’ve been looking forward to for years, something many couples don’t take the time to perfect is their wedding registry. Weddings are something that people like to celebrate with the couple, and the easiest way to do that is to give them a gift they’ll always remember and cherish. Knowing this, it’s important to get your registry right. To help you with this, here are three tips for creating the perfect wedding registry.

Take The Pressure Off

Traditionally, wedding registries were used as a way to give presents to the couple that will help start them off on their lives together. But with many people not getting married until they’re already quite established in their lives, registries have changed. And with that, your idea of what to put on your registry can change, too. TheKnot.com shares that you don’t have to feel pressured to put things on your registry that you don’t need or won’t use. In fact, people will love getting you a gift that you’ll get some use out of based on your own personalities. So if you and your future spouse love the outdoors, feel free to put some camping gear or other outdoor equipment on your registry, not just linens and china.

Physically Add Things To Your Registry

In this day and age, it’s sometimes easier to do online shopping rather than going to an actual store. But when you’re putting something on your wedding registry, Lauren Frankfort, a contributor to Brides.com, recommends going to the actual store you’re registered at to put things on your registry. This will allow you to check the true-to-life quality and colors of the items you want. Looks can be deceiving, especially in pictures on the Internet, so save yourself some disappointment by making sure what you put on your wedding registry is what you think you’re getting.

Make It Easy To Buy From Your Registry

Shopping off your registry allows your wedding guests to give you a gift that they know you actually want and will use. However, all the effort you put into creating your registry will be useless if getting something from your registry is too hard for your guests to do. With this in mind, Casey Slide, a contributor to MoneyCrashers.com, suggests making sure you use a registry from a store that’s nationally known. This means that although your favorite store might be the cute shop around the corner from where you live, that’s not a good place to register for gifts for your wedding. Also, you should do what you can to make shipping these gifts as easy as possible as well, like by creating an online version of your registry as well as an in-store option.

If you’ll be creating a registry in the near future, use the tips mentioned above to help you make the perfect one.

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