15 Sep

What to Discuss with Your Wedding Caterer

It’s your big day! One of the most important times in your life and the planning that you do ahead of time will make the entire day less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your guests. As you think about the plans that you need to make one of the most important ones will be about the food and beverages that you serve. Have you thought about a catering service for your wedding in Birmingham? The meal and beverages that you serve at your wedding will help to make the day memorable, so finding the right wedding caterer is paramount to the success of your big day. Let’s look at some things to discuss with your wedding caterer as you plan for this wonderful event.


What catering services do you need?

You’ll have to decide first what your budget is, how many guests you are going to invite, and the venue in Birmingham where you will have the wedding. It’s a good idea to keep all of your important planning information handy for contracts that you’ll be signing. Will you need a sit-down meal? Will you want the caterer to do your wedding cake? All of these questions and ideas must be decided before you first meet with the caterer. Hiring professional wedding catering in Birmingham is the ideal way for you to leave all of the details about food and drinks to the professionals.

What questions should you ask?

The most important question to ask first is – if the wedding caterer is available on the day that you’ve chosen for your wedding. After that has been established, ask about their experience, what types of weddings that they have done previously, and if they can help you with the food and beverage choices that you need to make. The catering professionals at Birmingham’s plyvinecatering.co.uk suggest that you explore your options with a private caterer instead of using those provided by venues, if it is permitted. Make sure that you discuss staffing, equipment that is needed, and the freshness of the food that will be served. Taking care of these details can make your day go much smoother and provide a memorable experience for your guests.

What beverages can they prepare?

Beverages are very important for wedding celebrations, so you must ask your wedding caterer about the drinks they can supply for your wedding party. Ask about the brands that they use, how long the bar will be available to guests, and how soon they must know the number of guests coming to your wedding. At this point you should also discuss the amount of deposit they require for your booking, when the balance will be due, and what will happen if you have to reschedule or postpone the wedding. Knowing details ahead of time can prevent a lot of worry and frustration if things don’t go as planned.

Discussing all of the details with your wedding caterer can make your big day a wonderful celebration for you and your guests.

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