24 Aug

Wedding Planning and Marriage Planning Primer

It starts with a simple question. Time and thought went into the proposal and now it’s time to plan. So many details and so much excitement pour go into planning The Main Event. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the details. You want it to be perfect, with documentation of every moment. So step back. In between planning a six hour event, you’re setting the stage for the most important engagement of your marriage. Here I have leave the best advice for both don’t do the mistake in your wedding day.

Plan and Research

For your marriage: Ask each other the important questions. Do you have true respect for one another? Do you show true kindness to one another? Are you both ready to support each other as you grow and change? Are your financial priorities similar or complimentary? Careers, mortgages, kids and schedules creep up all too quickly and begin to be the center of so many marriages. Do you want the same things and are you both prepared if they evolve? 

For the wedding: Plan a budget, take your partner into consideration and research the best deals. Check out deals on announcements from online stores like Vistaprint. Once you have an idea of what you like in a wedding dress or suit by researching trends and checking out the top of the line, find what satisfies your taste and budget at sales and seasonal clearances at department stores like Lord & Taylor. Even if you think it’s out of your budget, research honeymoon deals through Travelocity. You may be surprised by an affordable cruise or a beach vacation!

Prepare to disagree. Prepare to get wrapped up in minutiae. If you are mindful every day, continue to nourish your relationship, and keep your priorities (financial and personal) in mind, the wedding and marriage will endure and flourish. On many occasions the wedding relates everything can go unnoticed for you, but when the time comes to live with your boyfriend, marriage should not be a priority, their relationship itself. That’s why we suggest you take a day of the week that do not talk about anything related to the wedding, it will serve you well to clear and to grow as a couple.

These weeks of your wedding and you realize that you chose centerpieces are not what you want. Do not worry if you still have enough time to go talk to the florist and tell you about your concerns, talk with them to see if they can make changes without modifying both the budget. In case of change much, another option you can do is add a small detail that makes him look different and is more relevant to your tastes.

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