07 Feb

The Truth About Online Dating Profiles

Online Dating Profile Lies

Ever come across online dating profiles that sound too good to be true? That’s because they probably are! If you’re online looking for love then you’d probably think that honesty is the best policy but more often than not the dating profiles you come across have a lot of inaccurate or misleading information.


Everyone that’s building the own online dating profile obviously want to come across as charismatic and interesting so exaggerating is within the rules. Telling an outright lie though isn’t! The number one complaint about dating profiles is the profile pictures. It can be tempting to post a picture from several years ago that paints you in an altogether more flattering light. That can be okay if it still represents what you look like now reasonably accurately. People’s appearance can change significantly in a short amount of time. You could have put on a few pounds in recent years or gone bald so if the picture you post looks nothing like you now then you’re really not doing yourself any favours. Remember, potentially you could end up going on a date with someone and it can be embarrassing if you have lied about your appearance.


Weight is another lie the people often tell. In fact 80% of people lie about their weight and on average women deduct 8 ½ pounds. If you’ve put on a few pounds recently the easiest way to lose them is to just deduct them and pluck a number out of the air. Again, the problem comes when you meet your date and are clearly not the weight than you described. Men are equally as guilty of lying about their weight but tend to me more conservative than women when deducting the pounds.


No one likes to admit their true age, especially on dating sites. Men are the main culprits here with 37% of men lying about their age compared with 17% of women. The degree to which people lie about their age varies. 66% of people simply add or deduct a year or two. 14% of people thing they can get away with up to 5 years and a staggering 16% up to 10 years! Beyond that you’d think it’s impossible to think you can get away with more than 10 years but the remaining 4% claim they are more than 10 years younger than they are.


People often also describe their physique inaccurately. Slim or athletic are popular choices even if you’re not! Men often also lie about their income. They know how important security is to women so often inflate their income by up to 20%. Studies also show that 42% of men lie about some aspect of their job compared with 32% of women. If you have a boring or uninteresting job then you might even decide to lie completely about exactly what it is you do for a living.


When dating online it’s important to find someone who has the same interests as you so you’d at least expect people to list their interests accurately. Unfortunately that’s not always the case and many people list activities that they think make them sound more interesting.

As you can see it is wise to exercise a bit of caution when browsing online dating profiles. It can be a great way to meet new people but be aware that all might not be as it seems. The best advice is to be as honest as possible and eventually you’ll find the right person for you. Don’t fall into the trap of embellishing the truth and you won’t go far wrong.

Sam Chapman is author for Top 10 Dating Reviews. To compare online dating sites visit http://www.top-10-dating-reviews.com/




Featured Image Source: www.guardian.co.uk

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