18 Jan

Things You Learn When Freshly Married and Settling into a New Home

Marriage is a big adjustment. For those who decided not to live together before getting hitched, it’s an even bigger change. For those couples who have lived together, the adjustments are still there, they just take on a different form.

Depending on your living situation before hand, there are many new responsibilities that present themselves upon getting married and settling into a new home. Maybe you’re making the transition from only having to worry about yourself and pay a couple of bills, to providing for a small family and making a mortgage payment.

The scenarios are unique and endless. In any case, it’s an exciting time and you’ll grow a lot as a human being during this phase of your life.

Responsibility is a Shared Thing

The switch from ‘individual’ to ‘corporate’ can be rocky at times. Living life as a single person requires a lot less thought on the behalf and well being others. You can do what you want, when you want, and you don’t have to answer to anybody. In marriage, it’s not usually like that, and responsibility needs to be shared.

It’s important to communicate with your spouse to set clear rules and boundaries, as well as a budget. If you’re both working, decide who is paying what bills, whose turn it is to do the dishes, and whether or not to call up the pros when one of your appliances starts acting up.

Gender Responsibilities are Not Set

This is a hot topic in today’s society. Gender responsibility norms have been prevalent throughout society for years, but times are changing, and it’s stupid to expect a woman to clean, just because she’s a woman, or a man to work, just because he’s a man.

Once again, you’ll learn to communicate with your spouse to set up expectations for one another. In your particular relationship, classic gender responsibilities might be appropriate for you because of your personalities. If classic gender based tasks don’t sit well with you, as you grow in relationship with your spouse, you’ll learn what is important to each other and you’ll make it work according to that.

You Have Each Other and That’s Enough

In the grand scheme of things, you got married to your spouse because you love them and want to grow old together. The pressures of life shouldn’t interfere with that. There will always be conversations that need to be had and money that goes away too quickly.

In all things, keep hold of the reason you got married, and the responsibilities of life will work themselves out. It’s best to keep your minds and hearts open to learn and to love. In everything else, just take it one day at a time.

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