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How to Have a Successful First Date

How to Have a Successful First Date

Going on a first date can seem overwhelming and nerve-wracking, especially if you are re-emerging onto the dating scene.  However, by following a few simple tips, a first date can be a fun experience, and as a bonus, you may even meet a person that can change your life.

The Rules of a First Date

  1. Stop Thinking in Terms of Relationships

If you go out on every date wondering, “Will she like me?” or, “I hope he’s the one,” you are already setting yourself up for failure, but a date that comes off like an job interview, rather than meeting someone new socially.

Every date offers the potential to meet someone new.  Not every date has to end in a relationship, or even a friendship, for that matter.  Simply by opening your mind to new people, prospective and experiences you will grow as a person and solidify your people-skills, which will translate into more successful dates in the future.

  1. Don’t be Bound by Convention

Dinner for a first date is the traditional standard but for many people, the prospect of sitting in front of a new person for an hour or more and having to make conversation can be intimidating.  Not to mention that dinner dates could also be a disaster by causing embarrassing dining situations such as food in the teeth and spilling drinks.

It’s okay to think outside the box.  Going on a date to the zoo, museum or art gallery provides an opportunity for conversation to flow more organically.  There is also the benefit of having fun and creating memorable experiences right from the start.  Going on a date at a more interactive location allows for time to think of questions, and double check that the question is appropriate to ask, before saying it out loud.  This is a great way to take the pressure off you and your date.

If you are prone to nervousness on a first date or if you are unsure of where to take your date out, a matchmaking service can arrange dates and offer consultation to assist with the success of a first meet.

  1. Be Yourself

This sounds like standard advice but it’s easier said than done.  Most people try to be as nice and polite as possible, only to later have to reveal a dark sense of humor, or a relentless obsession with music, film, reading, sewing etc.  It’s okay to be yourself.  That’s not to say that you should act the same way as you do around your forgiving and understanding best friends.  The point is to not be phony because it takes more effort to try to be someone you’re not, rather than letting hints of your true self shine through.  Chances are your date will appreciate a genuine personality and find it more attractive.

Dating should be a fun experience that improves interpersonal skills, allows people to be more comfortable with who they really are, and provides memorable and exciting experiences.

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