03 Jun

Speed Dating: The Basics

There are all kinds of matchmaking and dating sites online, but it’s hard to find someone you actually want to date. Let’s be honest here, it’s really easy to find faults with the profiles you find, no matter what site you look at. You can easily see what the person looks like, what they do for a living, the music and food they like – and it’s easy to make a snap judgment based on these little things. The thing is, that small thing may be keeping you from meeting the person you are meant to find. If you had a few minutes, just to talk, you might find that you really like each other, but you never know because you never meet.

Information Overload

So how do you get around the too much information too soon problem and on to meeting dates? Speed dating is a great alternative to online dating sites for both men and women. Instead of getting your potential dates resume right up front, you have the opportunity to learn about them in a face to face conversation. You get a few minutes to ask the questions that are important to you and they can do the same. It’s much better than dismissing someone just because their profile said that they like Star Wars and you loathe it.

So, how does speed dating actually work?

You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV, but what’s it really all about? Speed dating events are held all over the country in a variety of different venues, all you need to do is an internet search for speed dating events in your area. Sometimes the events are themed or for a specific group such as people over 40 or people who ride motorcycles, etc.

How many people am I going to meet?

Usually, there somewhere between 20 and 24 people in attendance. It’s an equal split, half men and half women and no one is left out waiting for a date. Each person has a name tag and a piece of paper or scorecard, if you will, to take notes on about their dates.

You have to be quick though, it is called speed dating, after all. You usually only have about 5 minutes to talk to each one of your dates. It’s not much time and you’re not going to learn everything about them, for sure. But that’s what makes it better than online dating sites… you don’t get the whole story, just the introductory chapters. You won’t decide if they’re your soul-mate in this meeting, at least not generally, but you will find out if you might enjoy each other’s company.

The Event

Typically, these events last only a couple of hours, less time than one bad dinner date would take. At most events, women stay seated the whole time, and the men change seats every few minutes to talk with new women until everyone has met everyone else. Some events are the opposite and the men stay seated while the women move around. Either way, it gives participants the opportunity to meet more potential dates face to face in a shorter amount of time. Meeting people is fun and exciting and speed dating makes it even more fun. If you want to learn more about how speed dating works there are a multitude of sites that can help you out.

So good luck and remember that if you don’t find someone compatible at one event, it’s no big deal. You can always try again with a completely new group – who knows what will happen or who you’ll meet?

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