08 Apr

How to Set Your Spring Wedding Apart from Everyone Else’s

Your wedding is your time to celebrate everything that’s special and unique about you and your partner. You do want a wedding that’s fun for everyone, but you don’t want it to be the cookie-cutter event you’ve attended so many times before. Let’s take a look at how you can add a little extra touch of personality to your spring wedding.

Throwing Rice is So 2000s
It’s traditional to throw rice after the bride and groom have exchanged wedding rings, but many brides-to-be and their future husbands are moving in a different direction – and not just because it’s become cliché. Rice can actually be disastrous to birds that eat it, and the last thing you want is to on your wedding is deal with injured birds! The good news is that there are tons of alternatives:


·         Bubbles are a great, affordable way to be sent off in style. Create a unique bubble bottle for each guest, perhaps with a wedding memento tied to it, and walk to your car in a flurry of bubbles.

·         Throwing seeds is a wonderful choice, especially for a spring wedding. Choose a seed with a slight, beautiful fragrance – lavender is a popular choice – and the aftermath will result in a beautiful field of flowers.

·         Buy noise makers or small instruments in bulk and be sent off with a lovely, silly fanfare. This is a great option because the noise makers or instruments can double as party favors.

·         Butterflies have become a bit of a cliché for some, but they make such a beautiful sendoff that they’re hard to argue with. Each guest gets a small box with a fluttering butterfly inside. When the time is right, everyone releases their butterfly and the sendoff is full of glistening, fluttering wings.

Whatever you choose, make sure it showcases your personality and style.

Unique, Useful Wedding Favors
Party favors are often an afterthought, and are even more frequently something that may be cute on the day-of but will never be used again. The best favors should be something that ties into the wedding and/or the couple, but can also be used for years to come. Check out these simple examples.


·         Personalized pencils. Grab some pencils in bulk – perhaps even some with hearts or a special design that’s unique to your wedding theme. Then bundle them together with sleeves you’ve made. The sleeves can have the wedding date, a favorite quote, or stickers. The sky’s the limit on this creative idea.

·         Special glasses. You can buy special 3D glasses that make it appear as though hearts are everywhere. These are fun to wear during the reception, but can also be fun to use for years to come.

·         Personalized candy. Who doesn’t love a delicious treat to take home from the wedding? You might have candy personalized with your initials, or perhaps you can bake letter-shaped cookies that spell out your name, or congratulations. Either way, find a cute way to package the goods and you’ll have a tasty, special treat that your guests can enjoy the day of or save for their own special occasion.


Goodbye to the Guest Book and Hello to the Guest Box
Guest books are wonderful treasures that allow married couples to look back at who attended their wedding and what words of advice they had for them, but the method has become a little outdated and impersonal. Often times it’s the same few things written over and over again. Enter the guest box.

Simply grab a camera, find a chair or two, and make it a little private. Setting up some sheets around it will do. Then invite guests to go in one and at a time and record a special message for the newlyweds. The result will likely be hilarious, touching, and quite special. Married couples can look back on their video messages on their anniversary in years to come. What a wonderful way to stay in touch with your special day!

It’s true that there are plenty of wedding clichés out there, but it’s also true that you can find your own bits of personality to shine through. The above ideas are great ways to get the ideals flowing.


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