24 Jan

Preserving Your Memories-4 Different Ways To Keep Your Memories Close

Your memories are some of the most beloved and cherished possessions that you have, and it’s very important that you preserve these memories so that you can always remember them throughout the years. There are plenty of different ways that you can preserve your memories, and the following are four great ideas.

1. Take pictures and videos.

The easiest way to preserve your memories is to take plenty of pictures and videos throughout your life. Make sure to take pictures and videos with your family and friends, capture all of your special life moments, and even take pictures during those regular everyday occurrences. This is a great way to make sure that all of your special and regular moments are captured, and you can easily look through your photos or watch your videos whenever you want to relive any of the moments.

2. Keep a journal.

Another great way to preserve your memories is to keep a journal or a blog. Spend a few minutes at the end of every day and write down anything that you feel was important about the day or anything that you’d want to remember down the road. You can easily write this down in an actual journal, or you can start a blog and keep all of this information on there. Not only are journals and blogs a great way for you to capture and preserve your memories, but it will also be extremely interesting for your children or other family members to read after you have passed. Plus, it’s something that can be passed down from generation to generation and kept in the family for everyone to enjoy and learn how life was when you were around.

3. Make scrapbooks.

Take everything that is important to you and make a scrapbook out of it to preserve all of your memories. You can put pictures in your scrapbook, but you can also put in letters, pressed flowers, invitations, awards or anything else that you want to cherish and remember as the years pass. You can make one giant scrapbook for your entire life, or you can make multiple scrapbooks for certain timeframes or themes. For example, you can make a scrapbook for every year or your life, or you can make scrapbook for certain events, such as your wedding, first child, first house, etc. Scrapbooks are great ways to house all of your important memories in one place.


4. Make a quilt.

Quilts are a very creative way to preserve all of your memories. You can easily cut up old t-shirts and use them in your quilt, or you can even print pictures or other documents onto fabric and add them to your quilt too. This is a great way to put all of your memories in one place, and a quilt is a very attractive way to show them off to anyone who may come to your home. You can always start small and add a square to your quilt for every important event. This way, you can keep adding squares to capture all of your memories. Plus, you can even cut out square of fabric and have friends and family write on them for special events, such as your wedding or birthday, and you can add these squares to your quilt to remember that special day.

Preserving your memories is extremely important. It allows you to house all of your most important events in one place so that you can look back and relive the joy you experienced when these events truly took place.

Kathryn Thompson is a freelance writer with an adoring husband and two children.  She enjoys writing about ideas and activities for creating special memories with family.





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