23 Dec

Planning Your Life After The Wedding

You fall in love and when it comes time you start making plans for a wedding. During that time it seems like all you think about is the wedding. Beyond that wedding date the future just doesn’t seem to matter.


Then you are married, maybe you take a nice honeymoon, and after that it’s back to the real world. Back to figuring out what you are going to do now that you are a married couple. It’s time to move out of your individual apartments, it’s time to combine your checking accounts, and it’s time to make a plan for the future.


Where Will You Live


OK, not all couples get married before they move in together, but even so, you may be living in an apartment together. That means it may be time to start searching for a home of your own. Your search will have to take a few factors into account.


If you don’t already have kids you may simply want to get a place big enough for the two of you, or maybe you’ll want something bigger depending on your plan. If one of you likes working on craft projects or cars, you may want to make sure that you get a home that comes with a garage. You may want a place with a large yard if you want to do some gardening or if you have a dog and want space for them to run around.


Combining Your Lives


You are two people, so you each have your own stuff, and now that you are married and living together you need to figure out how to fit all of that stuff together. Maybe he collects taxidermy and you collect unicorns, but there isn’t enough space for all of your critters. Maybe he needs his own man cave, or maybe you both need to weed out some of your collection.


Kids Or Not?


Hopefully prior to marriage you already discussed the issue of children, but after marriage you may want to look at the subject again. It could determine the size of your home, and how much money you need to be making in order to afford a family. Children are a lot to handle, and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to plan for them.


Creating A Future


Saving money, whether it’s for children or retirement, is another thing every couple needs to do in order to plan for their futures. You need money for a million things, from paying the bills to upgrading to a bigger home when the twins come along. Start saving as soon as possible.


It also helps to have work that offers things like insurance and a 401k, which will help you have a better future as well.

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