18 Mar

Most Remarkable Honeymoon Location Ideas

People dream about their honeymoon for years. It’s only the most exciting part of many people’s lives. You’re freshly married, absolutely head over heals in love, and the vacation you’ve been needing for years is on the horizon, even if it’s only going to last a week or two.


You’ve answered the single most important question of your life. That is, “Will you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse for ever and ever?” Yada, yada. Now a less important question, but almost equally as exciting question must be answered. “Where are you going for your honeymoon?” You’ve literally got the world to choose from.

You’ve probably had locations in mind for years. The trick is, is the place you’ve always wanted to visit the same place your new spouse has always wanted to visit? If it isn’t, you might be searching for common ground. In case you’re a little short on ideas, here are the most remarkable ideas for places you can go for your honeymoon in 2016:

The Tropics

If you’re one who loves the sun, there is no shortage of destinations that you can choose. You could keep it on the continent of North America to limit expenses, as there are many great options to choose from that are close to home.

If you’re looking for a more exotic tropical location, you’ll have to do a little narrowing down of options. Consider the Caribbean, Costa Rica, or consider a destination on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There will be no shortage of sun in any of those locations.

The Mountains

The beach is always romantic, but if you’re more drawn to the idea of a cozy lodge high in the mountains somewhere, than you might consider visiting Colorado in the States, or traveling somewhere in the Northern Europe region. Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords and outdoor adventures. You just might see a viking while you’re there…okay maybe not…but definitely some of their descendants.

The History

If you’re less about the sights and more about the history, you might want to steer your honeymoon in a bit of a different direction. There’s no saying you can’t have both, though. If you’re looking for an amazing historical debrief, the best places you can go are either Rome or New York city. Choosing between the two might be a challenge…Rome definitely sounds more romantic.

How about dinner in front of the colosseum and ancient ruins, my dearest?  Toast to the past and make new memories that you can reminisce about in the future. It’s said that all roads lead to Rome, so maybe it’s an inevitable choice.

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