04 Feb

Great Tips For A Brand New Relationship

Valentine’s Day gifts for long term couples are relatively easy, they have been together for a while so they know what each other likes and they are comfortable treating each other to something really nice. They can spend the holiday in mutual appreciation and celebration of their relationship.

However, what if Valentine’s Day rolls around and you are in the very early stages of a relationship? When a relationship is brand new around Valentine’s Day, it can be really difficult to know how to celebrate this holiday. Should you buy your partner a really extravagant gift or will that be too awkward when you don’t really know each other too well? What if you buy them a gift and they don’t buy one for you, or vice versa? What if you get them something too intimate or romantic which is not suited to the casual nature of your dating?

It’s also difficult to know what to do on Valentine’s Day. Should you have a very special romantic evening together or should you keep it casual?

It can be very difficult to buy gifts for someone that you are just getting to know and to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day that is fun but not too serious. Here are some tips for buying valentine gifts for him and for what to do on 14th February when you are in a new relationship:

  • Don’t have super high expectations and don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t sweep you away on a romantic getaway. He might want to, but be worried that it is too soon.
  • Rather than having a romantic meal in a restaurant, why not do something fun and active instead? Going bowling, ice skating, hiking or some other activity can be a fun and romantic way to spend time together but it is more casual and puts less pressure on you.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your new partner about what your plans should be for Valentine’s Day. You can ask him if he wants to exchange gifts or do anything special. It’s better to ask and have an idea of what he expects, rather than get the wrong impression.
  • Once you know whether or not you should be buying valentine gifts for him, you can look online for something suitable. Shopping online is a great way to order valentine gifts for him as there is plenty of selection and you will be able to order the gifts to be shipped right to your door.
  • If your relationship is brand new and you are really unsure about getting him something too romantic, go for something fun, casual and funny instead. Get him a DVD of his favourite comedian or a case of his favourite beer, something that he will enjoy.
  • A nice idea is to cook him a delicious meal at home instead. Find out what his favourite food is and make it for him, adding a few candles and some nice music to make it special.
  • Instead of going out on the town for a lavish Valentine’s Day, you could have a cosy night in instead. Put together a gift basket with all the essentials for a romantic evening, including a bottle of wine, snacks, candles and a great film. Snuggle up together and simply enjoy each other’s company.
  • If you want to really surprise and impress when buying valentine gifts for him, do a little bit of reconnaissance work and find out about what he likes and doesn’t like. Ask his friends and family about his interests and use your detective work to figure out something a bit more personal to give him which reflects what he is passionate about. This is the kind of thing to do if you are interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

Above all, the most important thing to remember when celebrating Valentine’s Day in a brand new relationship is not to worry about it too much. Putting too much pressure on yourself and your new partner will make the day awkward and no fun. Be open with your partner and communicate with each other regarding what you both expect. It could turn out to be a fun and enjoyable date night, or the first of many Valentine’s Days in what turns out to be a lasting and wonderful relationship.

Sam Mulder is a relationship blogger who offers his clients tips for dating, marriage and keeping the romance alive. He writes his blog about relationship tips, including buying valentines day gifts for him, having the “talk” and much more.




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