30 Apr

How to Choose Your Bridal Jewellery

With the big day approaching and so much to prepare, it’s important to have your bridal look sorted well in advance. You should have tried out the dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup at least a week before the event, in order to prevent any last minute panics. It’s essential that you choose your wedding dress before you start thinking about accessories, because the jewellery you wear will be entirely dependent on the cut and style of the dress.

Match Your Jewellery to Your Dress

Think about the colour of your wedding dress and match the metals you choose to it. White gowns work best with pearl and platinum items of jewellery, while off-white or diamond-white dresses allow you to wear gold, silver and rose gold. If you’re going for an ivory gown, stick with gold jewellery in order to bring out the creamy yellow undertones in the fabric. Remember that matching your jewellery to your dress isn’t just about complimenting the colour, it should also take into account the neckline style. For those with strapless or sweetheart gowns, you can skip the necklace and add clear crystal chandelier earrings. Add small fresh or silk flowers in your hair that match the blooms in your bridal bouquet. A V-neck dress requires a necklace and very simple stud earrings. A thin chain with a simple pendant or a strand of pearls exudes classic charm. If you’re feeling more daring, a crystal choker with matching earrings is also a great choice for a dress with a low or plunging neckline. For dresses with halter necklines, it’s best to focus on your hair rather than adding adornments to your throat. Stick with simple stud earrings and a slim bracelet or an elegant watch from a retailer like Ernest Jones.

Don’t Overdo It

The most important thing to remember when choosing bridal jewellery is that more really is less. You’ve probably spent a great deal of money on the wedding dress, and you should allow the dress to speak for itself rather than crowding your outfit with accessories.

Be Yourself

Your wedding day is a highly personal occasion and you should be able to do things your way. If you’re interested in jewellery that has a vintage twist or you’d rather wear a watch than a bracelet, allow your individual tastes to guide you. It’s best not to try out completely new styles or be pressured into choosing a particular look by family, friends or bridal magazines. Stick with what you know looks good, and you won’t go wrong

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