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13 Feb

Can Science Predict the Length of a Relationship?

Science and mathematics has traditionally done a rather good job of predicting how seemingly opaque reactions will occur in the world. Whether it’s what happens when we drop a stone from a specific height, when two chemicals are mixed together or when you add two number together – maths and science can usually give us a reasonably accurate prediction of what will happen. But what about when it comes to things like emotion, or love? Can subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics predict Read more [...]
11 Jan

A no-nonsense way to deal with a difficult husband

If only a happily ever after is something that we’re assured of right after the wedding celebration – unfortunately, some of us don’t have it easy. There are also husbands that make it as far as not including their spouse in their future plans, causing the wives to challenge a will their husband made. Many unhappy relationships may end where wives not having a part in the will or if there’s any, it’s not a fair share. Everyone has a coping mechanism that we use when we find ourselves Read more [...]
25 Feb

Proposing On Holiday

When you propose to the one that you love it should be a truly memorable and special occasion which will last in your memories for a lifetime. One way to make this occasion really stand out is to do it in the picturesque setting of foreign shores, be it in the mountains, on a boat or even on a beach with the sun setting. With a bit of forward planning and good timing, you can make sure they say yes as they are overtaken with the emotion of the moment. The Location We all love to go away on holiday Read more [...]
23 Feb

Make Your Home A Great Place To Relax

After a long day at the office your home is a place where you want to feel inspired, free to be yourself and at peace. In a concise manner, your home should be a sanctuary for your mind, body and spirit. It should be far from a stress-filled atmosphere that usually includes deadlines, traffic jams and work. However, if your home is not the sanctuary that you were hoping for, you could do with some perking up around the house and your verandah. Below are several tips you can use to create a calming Read more [...]
23 Feb

5 Spanish Holidays For Cash-Strapped Couples

  Image by Sarah_Ackerman We all love a good bargain especially when we’re looking for a sexy soiree for two in beautiful Spain; but you’ll be surprised at the activities and experiences available to couples on a shoestring budget. No matter where you are in Spain or whatever it is you love doing, I guarantee I’ve found something for you!! Madrid.   If you’re not particularly interested in the slushy side of romance and are maybe still looking for some quality time with your man, Read more [...]
23 Feb

Speed Dating Tips For Speedy Success

  Wanting to try something different and fun to liven up your dating life? Wanting to start a fresh as spring sunshine returns to your life? Speed dating offers excitement and a good chance to avoid awkward silences for an entire evening with just one date. It may seem a bit daunting at first to be whisked into a room full of potential partners, so here are some tips to keep under control and confident. Have good questions ready to avoid awkward silences. Your questions should be selected Read more [...]
21 Feb

Who Needs Love? Four Ways To Get Your Heart Going Without The Need For Kindness Or Compassion

Love is a pain in the… heart. It starts with pretending that you like their taste in music and movies – yeah, Bon Jovi do rock and Dirty Dancing is amazing – and before you know it you’re devoting all your spare time to the sacred quest of finding just the right curtains and cushions to go with the carpet. Love makes you a house-guest in your own life. Since the UK has the highest divorce rate in Europe, maybe it’s time we put a restraining order on love. One cannot help wonder if there Read more [...]
21 Feb

Propose With Flair; Inventive Proposal Ideas

If you’re thinking of proposing and looking for an alternative to the age-old down-on-one-knee-with-a-ring proposal, look no further. Make your engagement story one you’ll both want to retell for decades with some of these inventive proposal ideas. Present the Ring Creatively Sure, you could just hand it to her or slip it into her champagne, but why not be a little more creative? If you want to propose at a restaurant, hide the ring inside a clam or a fortune cookie. Stash it somewhere unexpected Read more [...]
21 Feb

Special Things To Do For A Special Lady

Mother’s day is the one day each year that you get the chance to show your Mum what she means to you. Even if your budget is a bit tighter than in previous years there are still great gifts out there that can bring a smile to your mothers face without burning a hole in your wallet. Time is All You Need What your mother wants more than anything is your time. So if you are able how about this Mother’s Day devoting the day to her.  Take her to breakfast and then for a stroll. That time together Read more [...]
21 Feb

3 Unique First Date Ideas That Will Guarantee A Second Date And A Third And A Fourth…

  Ah, the joy and thrill of going out on a first date. After umpteen numbers of failed attempts, you’ve finally mustered up the courage to ask out that pretty girl from your work place on a date. A part of you can’t stop being excited to the core while a part of you is trying to snub that fluttery feeling coming from the pit of your stomach due to nervousness. You get busy thinking about what you’re going to wear and what you’re going to do, and then you decide to be your boring best Read more [...]