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20 Feb

A Guide for How to Change Your Skincare Routine in 2015

As compared to yesteryears, every country is producing more number of beauty queens than before! Thanks to the newer concepts that govern beauty regime these days. Gone are the days, when every household had the same cream being used by all family members (especially womenfolk). The concept of skin care and use of beauty products has changed remarkably over the years. Seldom did the common women know in yesteryears that a lady with combination skin had to use a different skin care product and one Read more [...]
28 Aug

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Surgery

A bride's wedding day is her chance to look and feel her best, lit with a glow from within. To achieve this end, brides spend months shopping for the perfect dress and maybe even dieting to fit into it. They get professional hair and makeup, leaving nothing to chance on this special occasion. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that more and more brides are opting to have full wedding makeovers involving cosmetic surgery! If you're thinking about taking the plunge on your quest for bridal perfection, Read more [...]
31 Mar

Bridal Make Up and Beauty Covered

Every bride wants to look her best on the biggest day of her life, and quite rightly so. But will all of the make up, beauty and skin regimes on offer, how exactly do you make the best decision for you? Here are a few beauty must haves, which are sure to leave you looking and feeling great ahead of your big day. Skin Regime           There are a few things that you can alter in your beauty regime that are completely free and are so effective and easy to do. The biggest hurdle you Read more [...]
31 Mar

The Latest Skin Tightening Treatments Provide Amazing Results

One of the earliest signs of aging consists of sagging skin as collagen reduces production in the mid-20s. Bags can easily form underneath the eyes, and labial folds develop and continue to deepen over the years which results in a face that can look older than it really is. Expensive creams and gels often prove ineffective, causing a large number of people to resort to professional skin tightening treatments to regain their youthful appearance, along with their confidence. At Skin Vitality Medical Read more [...]
31 Mar

The Comb Issue: Types and Tips

If you wish to become a hair style expert or you just wish to know how to style your hair without the services of a styling professional, then one of the things you should be familiar about is the different types of comb. Of course, styling your hair will require some tools and gadgets to work with. With that in mind, here are some of the most basic types of comb you should look into:   * Wide Tooth Comb. This type of combs come in different materials—wooden, plastic or metal. Regardless Read more [...]