09 Sep

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

When it comes to having a wedding it can start to add up quickly.  What began as simply a few guests can start to add up to hundreds once you start thinking about all of the people that you love and want to celebrate with.  Some people start to become so overwhelmed as the price estimate goes up and up that it can start to make you question whether you want to skip the whole thing and just elope in Las Vegas.

However, it doesn’t have to put you thousands of dollars in debt if you go about it the right way.  Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and knowing what to adjust.  Here are some of the fastest and most effective ways to cut back on the costs of a wedding.


Use a Ring Kept In The Family

Rather than buying a wedding ring which may be worth months of your salary, why not consider using one that has been passed down through the family?  Getting a ring resized is considerably cheaper than an entirely new ring itself and it can be even more meaningful knowing its history.

Many people feel so much pressure to buy a brand new ring which is way beyond their budget because they feel that they have to in order to express their love. However, what matters most is celebrating your love and relationship and knowing that no matter how fancy the ring is, it doesn’t define how much you love each other.


Skip The Flowers

Flowers can cost hundreds to thousands depending on how much of a display you are looking to put on.  Rather than breaking the bank and spending this kind of money on something incredibly temporary which will start wilting after only a few short days, why not skip the flowers all together?

You can cut your costs considerably by using greenery instead.  Not only is it still beautiful but it will save you extra money that you can use on something else! Like a honeymoon!


Choose a Free Venue

Try putting your heads together as a couple and seeing whether you think you can find a place to have your wedding which would be completely free. This could be at a local library or someone’s house with a large property.  Some people have even chosen to do it at restaurants!

Really the possibilities are endless.  Anywhere that you find meaningful for you and your partner will be the best possible fit.


Have a Potluck

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to feed everyone, why not ask your friends and family to all bring something to eat? This can be especially great for summer weddings which are held outdoors.

Not only will you save money but the food might even be better since it will have that authentic homemade feel!

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