21 Dec

3 Practical Things to Consider Before Getting Married

There are few things in life more exciting and terrifying than giving your heart to someone. Finding your soulmate brings relief and anxiety, especially as you begin to plan for a wedding. Many experts believe the first large hurdle married couples face together is the stressful period of wedding planning. Keeping your head cool and your love warm throughout those arguments about guest lists and venue costs can be a great exercise in love overcoming difficulties. Before you tie the knot, there are a few things you should consider.


Medical Insurance

One of the more practical problems couples will face when becoming one is the issue of health insurance. Some spouses may enter the relationship with good insurance through their employer, but they may lose coverage due to their status changing to married. Know your company policy on insurance and have a plan for how to keep you and your spouse covered after the transition. With the Affordable Care Act in place, you will be billed a monthly fine for going without coverage.



The leading causes for divorce include basic incompatibility, infidelity and money problems. Either you have so much money you disagree on where to spend it, or you have too little of it you disagree on how to spend it. Stress over making rent and feeding the family each month can wear down even the happiest of relationships. Without basic needs met, it can be difficult to transcend to a loving and happy union.

Before saying “I do” speak with your spouse about their money-management skills. Understand their debt-to-income ratio and know where they have weaknesses and strengths. A big discussion to have will be concerning ideas about your lifestyle together. Do you imagine exorbitant vacations and weekly massages? Or are you content with homemade popcorn during weekly movie night at home?


Living Arrangements

Although studies are showing an increase in premarital cohabitation and divorce, that doesn’t stop many people from setting up house before securing their future. However, if you choose the old-fashioned route of living separately before the rice is thrown, you are going to need to figure out where to live after the honeymoon. This means deciding who gets to keep their current living arrangement, what furniture will stay or go and how the home will be decorated.

While some studies have shown that couples who wait longer to make a commitment make a better choice in partner; the older you are the more set in your ways you become, which could make meshing households difficult. Take time to get your belongings relocated and homey so you can settle into a happy home immediately following the honeymoon.

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