30 Apr

How to Choose Your Bridal Jewellery

With the big day approaching and so much to prepare, it’s important to have your bridal look sorted well in advance. You should have tried out the dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup at least a week before the event, in order to prevent any last minute panics. It’s essential that you choose your wedding dress before you start thinking about accessories, because the jewellery you wear will be entirely dependent on the cut and style of the dress. Match Your Jewellery to Your Dress Think Read more [...]
24 Apr

Find Your Unique and Perfect Gold Wedding Band

Your special day has been tailor-made specifically for you and your significant other from the venue, to the clothes, and even the food, so why stop at the wedding rings? You can find a number of unique gold bands to suit both of your personalities and tastes while still remaining beautiful. Gold wedding rings come in a variety of styles and you can choose between yellow or white gold depending on your personal preference. Engraved and Sentimental A great way to create a unique wedding Read more [...]
14 Apr

Perfect Presents to Give on Your Wedding Night

The giving of a gift on the wedding night is a tradition which goes back centuries. It also spans multiple countries, with couples around the world still practicing it to this day. But you can’t just give your new husband or wife any old thing on the first night after your big day. It has to be both special and meaningful, and it also has to be appropriate for the occasion. Traditional Gifts There are lots of gifts which are traditionally given on wedding nights, and most of them bear some Read more [...]
14 Apr

Clairvoyant Readings – A Beginner’s Guide

Visiting a clairvoyant has become a fashionable pastime in recent years, and many people who are interested in alternative spirituality are drawn to clairvoyant readings as a way of explaining hidden truths about themselves. If you’re curious about the potential benefits of a clairvoyant reading, you may wish to get in touch with an online spiritual service that offers a range of different clairvoyants for you to choose from. What is a Clairvoyant Reading? A clairvoyant reading is where Read more [...]
14 Apr

Choosing a Unique Engagement Ring

Picking out an engagement ring that you’ll cherish forever can be a daunting task. Whether you’re leaving it to your partner or choosing together, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and set a budget before you visit the jewellery store. The diamond solitaire remains the most popular engagement ring, but there are plenty of ways to modify your ring so that it stands out from the crowd. Unusual Cuts There are plenty of different cuts to choose from when it comes to engagement Read more [...]
08 Apr

How to Set Your Spring Wedding Apart from Everyone Else’s

Your wedding is your time to celebrate everything that’s special and unique about you and your partner. You do want a wedding that’s fun for everyone, but you don’t want it to be the cookie-cutter event you’ve attended so many times before. Let’s take a look at how you can add a little extra touch of personality to your spring wedding. Throwing Rice is So 2000s It’s traditional to throw rice after the bride and groom have exchanged wedding rings, but many brides-to-be and their Read more [...]
07 Apr

Wedding Planning Tips – Booking the Venue in Bournemouth

Venues need to be booked up early in your wedding planning schedule. If you delay on finding the place for your wedding it will make it a lot harder to plan anything else. Furthermore, the cost of the venue is often one of the highest expenses, so if you don’t know how much you have to spend you’re not going to be able to stay on top of your finances. Deciding When You Want to Get Married The biggest decision you’ll need to make is where in the world you want to get married. Once you have Read more [...]